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The center’s approach seeks to utilize tandem research studies using animal models, in vitro models, human subjects and computer models in parallel to fully investigate new technology and address key research questions. The core lab facilities are well-equipped for these studies and provide capabilities for neurotechnology implementation, imaging, biomechanical assessment and physiological assessment.

Major/specialized equipment in the laboratories includes:

Rehabilitation and Neurological Assessment Studies with People

  • Automated video-based (3-D) kinematic/kinetic analysis system
  • Real-time electromagnetic kinematic monitoring system
  • Metabolic analysis system
  • Muscle ergometry system
  • Cardiovascular assessment system
  • Custom instrumented parallel bars
  • Treadmill with partial weight support system
  • Electromyogram (EMG) recording system
  • Computer-controlled surface stimulation systems
  • Implanted electrical stimulation systems
  • Specialized exercise equipment for people with disabilities

Pre-clinical neurophysiology and behavior

Sensorimotor functional assessment

  • Peak Measurement Systems 4 camera 3-D kinematic/kinetic analysis system
  • Overground track 2-D kinematic analysis system
  • Rodent treadmills
  • Von-Frey cutaneous reflex assessment system
  • Balance assesment
  • Spinal cord impactor (Infinite Horizon)


(complete setup for in vivo and in vitro neural recordings as well as EMG recordings and neural stimulation from awake behaving animals)

  • TM-system vibration isolation tables (3)
  • Axoclamp 2A and associated data acquisition hardware/software
  • Sutter Instrument P-97 puller
  • SD Instruments 3 and 4 axis micromanipulators
  • Narishige manipulators
  • Master 8 A.M.P.I.- 8 channel stimulator and constant current isolator units
  • CWE FNS-16 custom stimulator with full computer control
  • AM-systems amplifiers
  • CWE moving averagers
  • CWE Highpass and Low Pass filters
  • Audio Monitors
  • Stoetling stereotaxic frame and spinal adaptor
  • 6DOF Force transducers (JR3)


(complete cardiorespiratory measurement capability from awake or anesthetized rodents )

  • heart rate tachometer
  • blood pressure transducers
  • rodent ventilator
  • capnometer
  • respiratory flow integrators
  • CWE moving averagers

Molecular biology and immunochemistry

  • CNS and muscle tissue histology and immunochemistry
  • Cryostat ( Leica CM1950)

Neural Imaging

  • Stereomicroscopes (Leica MZ75, S6D)
  • Interference Contrast Microscope (DM4500B)
  • Upright microscopes (Leica)
  • Optronic and Nikon Digital cameras
  • Neurolucida™ and SterioInvestigator™
  • Small Animal Multipurpose research scanner for high resolution, fast speed, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 2-D and 3-D image reconstruction and in vivo spectroscopy (7 Tesla, 30 cm bore Bruker/Biospec) (expected installation January 2009 at ASU-BNI small animal imaging facility at Barrow Neurological Institute).

Insect neurophysiology and behavior


Computational neuroscience

Projects requiring high performance computing:



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