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News - 2015

September 2015 – ANS student Jeremey Jellish publishes the results of his MS Thesis work in the Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics with his mentors (Krishnamurthi, Abbas and Ingalls) and collaborators (Mahant, Samanta, and Ospina).

September 2015 – ANS faculty and collaborators are awarded a patent for the design of new technology for sensory interfaces: " Communication Interface for Sensory Stimulation ". R. Jung, K. Horch, J.J. Abbas, S. Phillips, B. Bakkaloglu, & S. Kim. U.S. Patent No. 9,026,224 B2, 2015.

September 2015 – Prof. Crook and collaborators are awarded a research grant from NIMH to develop " Tools for Model Discovery Validation and Selection in Neuroscience ".

September 2015 – Prof. Smith and collaborators are awarded a research grant from NIGMS to develop " Multiscale Model of Exploration-Exploitation Tradeoff: From Genes To Collective ".

April 2015 – Congratulations to ANS student Catherine Vuong Smith for successfully defending her doctoral dissertation with the mentorship of Prof. Abbas: " Feedback Paradigm for Rehabilitation of People with Parkinsonís Disease ".

April 2015 – Prof. Abbas and graduate student Amit Abraham publish a chapter on " Biomimetic Approaches to Physiological Control " in the Biomedical Engineering Handbook.

March 2015 – Dr. Graudejus presents results from a collaborative project with Dr. Abbas at the Materials Research Society.

January 2015 – ANS student Brian Hillen publishes some of the results of his doctoral work in the Journal of Neurophysiology with ANS co-authors and collaborators (Jindrich, Abbas, Yamaguchi and Jung): " Effects of spinal cord injury induced changes in muscle activation on foot drag in a computational rat ankle model ".




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