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September 2010 – Congratulations to Dr. Mallika Fairchild on her recent appointment as Examiner at the US Patent Trade Office in Washington DC. We wish her the best.

Ranu Jung gave a talk on “Neural Implants are US” in the Adult Programs BioTech Speaker Series at Science Museum Arizona in Phoenix.

Congratulations to Sumit Patel for acceptance to the College of Medicine at the University of Arizona, Tuscon (Fall 2010). Sumit participated in Center research as an Apprentice through the SOLUR Program.

September 2010 - The Center for Adaptive Neural Systems will host a Neural Modeling Ontology Workshop to develop modeling terminology for NeuroLex, the Neuroscience Lexicon. The workshop will be held from 1:00-5:00 on Wednesday, September 29, 2010 at the ASU campus in ISTB2 room 227.

September 2010 - 1st Baltic Autumn School, 20-24 September 2010, University of Lubeck, Germany includes lectures by Dr. Ranu Jung. Flyer

July 30, 2010
San Antonio, Texas
Neurodesign: Using computational modeling for the design of neurotechnology Read more...

May 2010 – Dr. Ranu Jung was invited to Croatia for a collaborative effort of four European Science Foundation Standing Committees, NSF and AFOSR to organize a workshop focused on the "Reverse Engineering of the Human Brain". Read more...

May 2010 – Congratulations to Dr. Sharon Crook for her promotion to tenure as Associate Professor with the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences.

May 2010 – We are pleased to announce that Mini Kurian has successfully received her PhD in Mathematics.

Congratulations to Jared Bartell for acceptance to the College of Medicine at the University of Arizona, Tuscon (Fall 2010). Jared is a Psychology Major and has been conducting research in our center since January 2008. While at the Center he has been an ASU/NASA Space Grant intern and a SOLUR Apprentice.

March 3rd-6th , 2010
Fourth Annual Center for Adaptive Neural Systems Symposium
“Multiscale Approaches to Understanding Neural Plasticity”
Distinguished Lectures by Angus Silver (UK); Avrama Blackwell (USA); Upinder Bhalla (India); Poster session; Reception (Free events)
Tutorials on “Software for Multiscale Modeling” (Registration required)
“2nd Annual NeuroML Development Workshop” supported in part by an NIH grant to Dr. Sharon Crook and additional support from MRC & Welcome Trust, UK (For grant participants only)
Details and Tutorial Registration, pdf postcard, photo slideshow

Feb 15-18, 2010 – Sharmila Venugopal, PhD presents at seminar at University of Missouri, Columbia.



June 2010 - Project on Exercise studies in Parkinson’s disease highlighted by Arizona Republic. Congratulations Dr. Krishnamurthi. Read more about this project here. See also "Arizona Parkinson's disease victims step up for study" at AZ and Parkinson's Disease Foundation news.

2010 - Innovative Center technology on “Neural Enabled Prosthesis-Communication Interface for Sensory Stimulation” highlighted on iBridge Network for licensing option.



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