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News - 2014

November 2014 – former ANS Co-Director Ranu Jung and Dieter Jaeger from Emory University lead a major international effort to develop the " Encyclopedia of Computational Neuroscience ".

November 2014 – Prof Crook publishes chapters on " NeuroML " and on " Model Reproducibility " in the Encyclopedia of Computational Neuroscience.

November 2014 – Prof Abbas publishes a chapter on " Models of Neuromuscular Control Systems " in the Encyclopedia of Computational Neuroscience.

October 2014 – At the BMES meeting, Prof. Abbas presents results from a project performed with collaborators (Poluta, Sabet Sarvastani, Velazquez-Berumen) at the World Health Organization: " Assessing feasibility of local production of medical devices in Sub-Saharan Africa ".

September 2014 – Profs. Crook and Smith host the 2014 CRCNS PI Conference in Tempe.

April 2014 – Congratulations to ANS student Shruthi Balasubramanian for successfully defending her MS Thesis with the mentorship of Prof. Krishnamurthi and Prof. Abbas: " Age-Related Changes in Balance and Gait ".

March 2014 – Prof Smith and collaborators publish " High-speed odor transduction and pulse tracking by insect olfactory receptor neurons " in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.




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