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Steven Baer, Phd

Steven Baer, PhD
Associate Professor, Mathematics & Statistics
| (480) 965-1057 | Personal Website

Steven M. Baer, PhD, works in the area of mathematical and computational neuroscience. The mathematical techniques he develops and employs in his research involve asymptotic/singular perturbation and numerical methods applied to the analysis of nonlinear ordinary and partial differential equation systems. The goal of his neuroscience research program is to develop mathematical and computational tools to obtain new insights into the electro-chemical properties of individual neurons and their networks. At the network level his primary goal is to unravel the biophysical mechanisms of learning in the brain by exploring models of synaptic plasticity. Another goal is to build a biophysically realistic continuum model of network activity in the retina. As an applied mathematician Dr. Baer works to extract new mathematical results from the neuroscience research to impact the field of nonlinear dynamics and singular perturbation theory.
His research program is highly interdisciplinary with co-authors from biology, engineering, physics, and mathematics.

Dr. Baer received his PhD in mathematics from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1984. His postdoctoral training was under John Rinzel in the Mathematical Research Branch at NIH (1985-1988). Dr. Baer joined the Department of Mathematics at Arizona State University in 1988.




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